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The desk table it has become a real field of operations given the current circumstances and full-time telecommuting. This fact has increased the number of electronic devices that we have at home and has triggered the hours in front of the computer. Some consequences that can lead, if we are not careful, in home accidents that end up endangering work tools. Spills of coffee or tea, crumbs or ink spills, among others, are part of the day to day that we can minimize if we get hold of a good, functional and modern desk mat, for sale on Amazon.

It is the most valued product (more than 9,000 opinions on the electronic platform) in its segment – that of Mats and stationery– on a very high note: 4.7 out of 5 stars. Users who have already tried it stand out, above all, five main features, such as: their finishes, the comfort when using it, his smoothness, the easy to clean and, above all, the value for money.

“I love this mat for my desk. It is perfect, elegant and practical. It protects the surface of the same, thanks to its large size and also allows you to save the mouse pad, thus having less things on the table “, this user congratulates. Another user also states that its “aesthetic is beyond doubt” and points out: “The quality seems excellent to me.” Do you want to know more details about this mat for any surface? We tell you all the details:

In three sizes and eight colors, it is also reversible

One of the most notable advantages comes from the hand of its materials. It is made of Synthetic leather with a non-slip layer, which gives it a higher degree of resistance against wear: both to withstand all kinds of stains or scratches and when placing different sources of heat on it; a smooth surface and very pleasant to the touch that will allow us to write and slide any element through it freely, without wrinkles or jerks.

“It’s just what I needed to be able to design comfortably. It has come in perfect condition and the color is faithful to the photograph. It’s very soft and the dimensions are perfect ”, clarifies another user. It is for sale in three sizes, enough to cover all types of desk tables: 35×60, 40×80 Y 43×90 cm. “It’s a perfect size for a laptop and mouse. Neither huge nor small ”, indicates another buyer.

In addition, its structure is reversible (so we will not have to worry about which side to use) and it can be chosen in eight colors, always matching the tones of our room: in negro, dark blue, light blue, Brown, dark green, light green, rosa Y purple. “The color is very neutral and it looks very good”, emphasizes a user.

Buy from € 14.99 on Amazon

Very easy to clean and roll up

Another of its great characteristics is found in the section on the cleaning. Given its manufacture, we will only have to wipe it with a damp cloth or cloth and it will be like the first day, removing any trace of dirt. “Great texture and easy to clean”, says a user. On the other hand, we can always store it occupying the minimum space thanks to its roll-up structure. “It unfolds and collects quickly. It incorporates a strip of the same color to roll up the mat and store it ”, confirms another buyer.

In short, if we get this desk protector we will gain comfort and peace of mind, protecting to the maximum the surfaces where we work, study or carry out any type of task. “It is reversible, washable, soft, of good quality … It also comes with a strap to collect it and to keep it fixed. It is light and simple. It is very well finished ”.

Buy from € 14.99 on Amazon

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