“In Touba, there is only trade as an activity … You have certainly lost a lot but …”

A few days after this serious fire which ravaged the Ocass market in Touba, Serigne Bassirou Mbacké Abdou Khadre went to show his solidarity with the traders who watched helplessly as their canteens were consumed by fire.

The spokesperson for the Caliph Général des Mourides will invite them to show resilience. “In Touba, there is only trade as the main activity because there are no factories. Many of you have lost what you managed to mobilize. But as Serigne said Mountakha Mbacké, we must put everything in the hands of God. Everything He does is better for us. His trials are a way for Him to help us to overcome a level or to avoid an ordeal. In this market, he There are only people who work to feed their families and have something to give as adiyas. Solidarity will make it possible to overcome the evil or, at the very least, to lessen it “, he will say. .


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