In Trappes, the re-election of the mayor of the left again contested

Everywhere in France, the battle for municipal elections has been over since June 2020. In Trappes (Yvelines), it drags on. Ali Rabeh (Generation. S) may have been reelected hands down in the first round, on October 10, at the head of this popular suburban town, after a first election invalidated in February, the result of the ballot is again contested. Its main competitor, Othman Nasrou (Libres!), A lieutenant of Valérie Pécresse, has just filed a surprise appeal before the administrative court of Versailles. A new testimony to the exacerbated political tensions in this sensitive town of 32,000 inhabitants.

On the evening of Sunday, October 10, the results were barely known, Othman Nasrou had nevertheless “Noted” publicly of his defeat. “Tonight, the Trappists have chosen to re-elect Ali Rabeh”, he admitted in a press release signed with his main running mate, including the former socialist mayor Guy Malandain. Adding: “We have obviously not succeeded in convincing that a Republican alternative was possible, nor in properly explaining Ali Rabeh’s double game or the danger of the methods he uses. ”

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The score seemed final, with 58.4% of the votes for the list of Ali Rabeh, a close friend of Benoît Hamon, against only 34.9% for that led by Othman Nasrou, the other two lists sharing the 6.7 % remaining. Nothing to do with the 2020 election, the year when Ali Rabeh’s victory in the second round only held up to 161 votes. Othman Nasrou then immediately spoke out against the result of the ballot and won his case, his rival having failed to include in his campaign accounts the distribution of thousands of masks against the Covid-19, some accompanied by his photo .

This time, the vice-president of the Ile-de-France region and spokesperson for Valérie Pécresse seemed determined to move on, and to abandon his ambitions for Trappes. “Friday evening, he did not deign to participate in the first municipal council, or even give a proxy”, notes Ali Rabeh.

Hidden pursuit of the mayor’s mandate?

In reality, Othman Nasrour has not let go. In a 13-page “election protest” viewed by The world, the unsuccessful candidate not only asks the court to overturn the October 10 election, but also to reject Ali Rabeh’s campaign account and declare him ineligible for three years. By putting Ali Rabeh on the sidelines for several years, such a decision would completely reshuffle the political cards in Trappes.

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