In two months the work to repair the sinkhole on Ruiz Moreno Street in Bariloche ends

2023-10-03 18:16:28

Seven months after the collapse that occurred due to a groundwater leak on Ruiz Moreno Street, between Miter and Vicealmirante O’Connor, the arrangements have not been finalized.

The sinkhole, more than 6 meters long and very deep, still remains visible to the eyes of pedestrians who circulate outside the safety strips of that steep street.

«The filling is finished this week and at the end of this month the work would be completed. Then you have to wait another month to be able to enable it for traffic.«explained the director of Contract Works of Bariloche, Pablo Sosa.

Only at the beginning of July, Mayor Gustavo Gennuso approved the direct contracting of the Arenera del Sur company for 34 million pesos to repair the storm drain that caused the sinkhole. The work began immediately, but as indicated, the intense rains of recent months complicated the development of the tasks.

«The access chamber was already made to be able to carry out maintenance, it was filled with drainage material to prevent it from sinking and we began the filling stage to place the concrete on top.«, Sosa pointed out.

He assured that the recurring rains of the last three months prevented the placement of “the props for the slab.” «The water prevented work, but if these sunny days continue, progress will be made without problems with the filling of material. Then, the rigid pavement is placed, although it is done in stages,” said the engineer.

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