In Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro kicked off the Christmas celebrations

Nicolás Maduro announced that Christmas begins in October in Venezuela. For him, it is about promoting an economic recovery plan orchestrated until the end of the year to support the economy of the country in crisis.

Beginning of Christmas. Tonight.”The message would be surprising in this month of October. However, in Venezuela as in the rest of Latin America, the announcement of Nicolás Maduro did not surprise the press accustomed to the eccentric communication of the Venezuelan head of state.

Drawing on a photo montage relayed in a tweet by the channel Venezuelan Television, where the leader appears in the company of Cilia Flores, his wife, between a branch of holly, bells, a shower of stars and a cross, Nicolás Maduro launched the Christmas festivities two months in advance, promising “Millions of toys for children.”

Utradition in Chavismo”, note the Argentinian newspaper The nation who rappelle that Nicolás Maduro had already “brought forward” the date of Christmas in 2013, the first year of his presidential term, and reiterated his decision on several occasions.

This year, Christmas therefore began on October 15 in Venezuela, the birthday of Cilia Flores, the wife of the leader, note the Venezuelan site The stimulus which underlines “The strange world” in which Nicolás Maduro moves. In fact, the country is bloodless and shortages are exhausting the population.

Christmas markets, “fair prices”, tourism

The opening of the Christmas period is intended to stage a new economic stimulus plan aimed at “revitalize the country’s trade, devastated by state policy ”, according to The nation. Nicolás Maduro to Ainsi I will declare:

We plan to vigorously stimulate, for the last ten weeks of the year, national trade to place the period of December under the sign of normality, by protecting ourselves together from Covid-19 and by betting on the real economy.

The Venezuelan leader detailed a series of measures such as, reports. the mexican newspaper Millennium , the installation of outdoor Christmas markets meeting sanitary measures, an agreement with farmers and supermarkets to guarantee “fair prices” on the find combos (a traditional Christmas dish in Venezuela), or the gradual reopening of tourist spots in the country from December 1.

A recovery plan in a country in crisis

This is news that we receive with joy”, Reacted Leudo González, the president of the Superior Council of Tourism of Venezuela. Quoted by The stimulus he recalls how much the tourism sector “is really very affected”By the closure of the aviation sector and the various measures to combat Covid-19 which have reduced hotel attendance by 30%.

Certain taxes on “Christmas products ” should also be lightened and a “ham plan”Will be implemented“with the aim of supplying 27,000 tonnes”For the end of year celebrations, Venezuelan newspaper reports Cocuyo effect.

Since the coming to power of Nicolás Maduro in 2013, Venezuela has been going through a political, economic and social crisis year after year..

In a tweet relayed by the opposition newspaper The National, the opponent and former mayor of Caracas Antonio Ledezma was indignant:

What Christmas festivities could we celebrate in a country where peace does not exist, where there is only hunger and millions of citizens who leave to flee tragedy? ”

Aware of the impact that his measures could have on consumption and trade, Nicolás Maduro also took the opportunity to send a nod to his voters. Note The National in another article, by inviting them to watch “the tremendous victory of democracy and peace ” that will represent, according to him, the elections to come.

Serge Hastom

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