“In Venezuela the disappearance of the bolivar is ruled out”: Delcy Rodríguez

The vice president assured that “in the Anti-Blockade Law, the first guest is the national investor.”


11:15 AM / 18/10/2020

Vice President Delcy Rodríguez reported, this Sunday, October 18, that in the country the disappearance of the bolivar, as legal tender, and its possible replacement by the US currency is completely ruled out.

“The bolivar is our sovereignty, it is the legal tender, and the petro is a cryptocurrency. The disappearance of the bolivar is ruled out, much less for a foreign currency, if the bolivar is replaced it will be for another national currency. Venezuela has and will maintain its monetary sovereignty ”, confirmed Rodríguez in the program Here with Ernesto, led by the Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas.

“We do not want to live tied, like other countries whose currency is not the national currency but the dollar, to be tied and enslaved to the Federal Reserve of the United States. We have economic sovereignty and we also have monetary sovereignty, and therefore the need to defend the bolivar ”, he added.

He argued that the Government will continue working to recover the purchasing power of the Venezuelan salary.

“We came from a terrible inflation. Today Venezuela still suffers from inflation, but we have come out of the hyperinflation mechanism. In recent months the Venezuelan people have seen that there is no longer hyperinflation, although their inflation numbers undoubtedly continue to impact. This is derived from the suffocation of the country’s income, when you suffocate the income of a country there is no basis for material support of the programs, obviously that produces and causes inflationary processes ”, he pointed out.

Anti-Blockade Law

The vice president of the country assured that the Antiblocking Law aims to “guarantee the investments of private nationals and foreigners for the development of the nation.

“The Anti-Blockade Law preserves the model of the National Constitution for the protection of private property. In different associative ways to guarantee economic development. It guarantees the confidentiality of investors (…) who are stalked by the United States Government, ”he said.

Rodríguez assured that during the 2013-2020 period, Venezuela has lost 99% of its income, the majority coming from oil, due to the economic blockade of the Trump Administration.

“The Anti-Blockade Law is a legally protected instrument. Now the income will be dismissed from the workers, to consolidate the social protection system of Venezuela, to recover public services. The promotion of productive engines and the recovery of infrastructure in the country ”, he pointed out.

He pointed out that “the first guest is the national investor, not just the foreign one. The national private investor has a place in the law, those of the oil sector, the different sectors. It is a national call to defeat the United States sanctions, so that we all work together ”.

“This instrument guarantees income to Venezuela, it is also shielded from the normative and legal point of view, which the Law indicates very clearly in its article No. 18 What will this income be used for? These revenues will be used to use the Workers ‘Compensation and Remuneration System, that is, to restore the workers’ Compensation System, ”said Rodríguez.

Then he emphasized: “This law removes the veil of the blockade and offers a mechanism so that both national and international investors can have a safe development of their investments in the country, these will be income for Venezuela.”

He also called on all of Venezuela to understand that the Anti-Blockade Law is not a simple law, but is a call for a national union.

“Those who have requested sanctions will have their call when it comes to justice in Venezuela, because they have caused tremendous damage to our population, the coercive and unilateral measures are crimes against humanity and that is why we take the United States to the International Criminal Court (ICC). His time will come to the extreme right ”, he stressed.

Falling case curve

Vice President Rodríguez confirmed that in recent weeks the curve of covid-19 cases has continued to decline.

“We have a downward curve. The 7 + 7 formula has been successful, and the Venezuelan has learned to take care of himself in recent months, “he said.

“Already in the world there are vaccine candidates in full phase three of clinical trials, Venezuela is currently participating in the test of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, which will undoubtedly mark a milestone in history,” he said.

The official was optimistic about the weeks to come. “At the end of the year the vaccine could be in circulation. China has registered more than 5 vaccines, Russia has also been doing the same. They are already in clinical trials and we hope for the best, “he said.

When asked if the vaccine made by Russia would be placed in the future, Rodríguez replied: “We are waiting for the vaccine, of course it is.”

Regarding the 2020 Parliamentarians, he expressed that on December 6, “the people of Venezuela will be victorious, we are going to rebuild the Legislative Power, we are going to retake and win the National Assembly. Of that we have no doubt. The Venezuelan people are going to vote ”.


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