In video | Successful ship rescue operation in Bocas de Ceniza

In development of a marathon maneuver that took more than 18 hours the Nordic Wolverine tanker that had been stranded since last July 19 in the Bocas de Ceniza sector was rescued last night. The salvage operation involved the refloating and towing of the vessel carrying nine types of chemicals.

The 158-meter-long Norwegian-flagged ship was towed by four tugs, one of them, the Ocean Sky, was specially brought in from the United States to participate in the operation, as it specializes in such maneuvers.

The General Maritime Directorate (Dimar) reported that the rescue work allowed the boat to leave the area where it was stranded, which was in a corner of the western cutwater on a rocky bottom.

The ship was transferred to safe waters in the Caño Dulce sector in order to assess the damage it presents and to make a final diagnosis. This work will be carried out by expert divers.

Subsequently, the ship owner or owner must take it to a shipyard for repair.

The operation involved a coordinated effort by the Barranquilla port authorities as the risk was high considering the chemical load that was being mobilized. For this reason, a contingency plan had been deployed that would allow dealing with any situation with containment barriers.

“After 18 hours of starting the last phase of the rescue operation, we can report that the boat left the area where it was stranded and now a series of checks and controls continue on the areas that have been affected,” explained the port captain. , frigate captain Carlos Urbano.

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The Dimar, the Caribbean Naval Force, the Coast Guard, the National Navy and the company that carried out the maneuver participated in this operation, all in coordination with the Barranquilla Mayor’s Office, the Port Authority, unions and companies in the port sector of Barranquilla, as well as the practical pilots. tugboats operated.

Captain Urbano commented that the rescue was carried out at 6:35 pm and was successful, despite the fact that the winds and waves in the area intensified in the afternoon.

The Director of Port Affairs of the Barranquilla Mayor’s Office, José Curvelo, said that the operation did not imply an impact on the environment and that it was the product of planning that allowed achieving the expected result.

Taking into account the development of this operation, yesterday afternoon all the entries and exits of boats were suspended, as well as any type of activity in the area such as artisanal fishing, transit of smaller ships, among others.

The Dimar informed that the operations in the port area of ​​Barranquilla will continue to be restricted until the conditions of the area are analyzed, through bathymetries in the area that allow verifying the status of the access channel and determining the new authorized draft, which is scheduled for today.

“The Colombian Maritime Authority works with the different maritime and port guilds, in order to avoid affecting the marine environment and reestablish normal maritime traffic in the port, within the framework of comprehensive maritime and river security,” said the Captain of the Port. .

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The Dimar continues to advance in the investigation of the causes of the grounding.


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