In video: the story of ‘El Miura’, the street dweller who was rehabilitated thanks to Andrea Valdiri

The Miura, now called Stiven de Jesús Mercado Mendoza, since he was able to obtain his civil registration. Photo: @elmiiuraoficial

In September of last year, in the streets of Barranquilla, a story was born that involved the dancer Andrea Valdiri and ‘El Miura’, a street dweller, in a meeting full of motivation and new opportunities for the man who used drugs.

On September 10, the dancer’s followers began sending her a video that was going viral. El ‘Pri Pra’ or ‘El Miura’, a street dweller known to the inhabitants of Barranquilla, He appeared dancing and asking Valdiri to meet him. “Hey Andrea Valdiri, I want to meet you and I want to dance with you, Pri Pra, El Miura tells you,” said the man while dancing in the street.

The video was shared by many followers of the influencer, where they tagged her and asked her to fulfill the dream of the street dweller.

Finally, just a few days later, while Valdiri organized the delivery of donations to some poor neighborhoods in the capital of the Atlantic, the influencer took the opportunity to ask citizens to help her find her number one fan, which was not going to be very difficult, since the Barranquilleros knew El Miura quite well, they constantly recorded him expressing their admiration for the dancer.

The search had good results and the expected meeting happened, but Valdiri had bigger plans for El Miura, beyond meeting him and dancing with him. She bathed him, combed him, perfumed him and gave him new clothes, had a deep conversation with him, “you are strong, I’ll come for you tomorrow and take you to rehab ”.

With these words Valdiri demonstrated what his plan was for the street dweller, if he decided to accept it. “Of course my love, one”, were the words with which The Miura sentenced his life in the streets to start a new one, with the support of his “angel”, as he calls Valdiri.

The dancer had already contacted the father of ‘Pri Pra’ and after his decision to start his rehabilitation, he led him to reconnect with his relative and told the man that his son was going to start a new life.

However, the beginning was not easy. The Miura, hours before being taken to rehabilitation, was found in the streets, already without the clothes that Valdiri had given him and without being able to stand up.

Outraged, the inhabitants of Barranquilla called Valdiri and asked the man to reconsider, to go with the dancer and to commit to her rehabilitation. The Barranquilla, for her part, when she arrived at the place, kept calm and asked what had happened, Neighbors told him that El Miura said his clothes had been stolen.

Valdiri stepped up to the man’s level and began talking to him. “I’m going to call you every day, there you will have your food and your clothes. Do you want to stay all your life here on the street? Are you going to make me look bad because I want to help you? “asked the dancer as the inhabitants reminded the man that he has a daughter whom he should take into account to start his process.

Andrea Valdiri promised to help El Miura, a former street dweller who is his biggest fan.  Photo: video captures

Andrea Valdiri promised to help El Miura, a former street dweller who is his biggest fan. Photo: video captures

After a few minutes, between applause and promises to visit him from the local residents, The Miura went with Valdiri to begin a rehabilitation process.

In the month after, in October, The Miura told Valdiri the insecurity he felt as a result of his smile, which is why the dancer did not hesitate to take him to his dentist to give him a new smile, which would reflect the new person that the man had become.

A week ago, Valdiri helped El Miura to have surgery on his knee, as he had a problem that prevented him from walking well. The process was complicated, since the former street dweller had no identification documents and, therefore, no medical insurance. However, the dancer found a professional who operated on El Miura.

The latest good news that shows El Miura’s progress in his new life was known this Friday. Although he will always be known by his nickname, this Friday the man finally obtained his civil registration, first step to obtain all your documents and identify yourself as Stiven de Jesús Mercado Mendoza.

Whenever he can, Valdiri shares how his number one fan’s process progresses. Stiven continues in his rehabilitation process, and the change that has been seen in his physical appearance and way of expressing himself is evident. The Miura has its social networks and, in them, it shares every advance it can achieve thanks to its angel Valdiri.


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