in what order do the symptoms occur?

Loss of smell and taste, cough, fever … Difficult to navigate the symptoms that scientists evoke. But researchers at the University of Southern California analyzed data from more than 55,000 confirmed cases to put all these symptoms in order.

A patient would then first have a fever and a dry cough that can cause serious breathing difficulties. Then the muscle pain will eventually come, then the patient may experience digestive symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea for example, reports the scientific journal. Frontiers in Public Health. The government site indicates that the most significant symptom is “the sudden loss of smell (without nasal obstruction), and a total disappearance of the taste. “The Institut Pasteur affirms that” the onset of symptoms occurs gradually over several days, unlike the flu which begins suddenly. “

This research could allow doctors to identify cases of Covid-19 contamination earlier, and especially to help to quickly differentiate from seasonal flu.

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