in which cities do we eat the worst in France?


  • The ranking was established according to the number of fats-food per 1000 inhabitants

Flashs is associated with the site, young health and well-being media, in order to achieve a new “inventory of malbouffe “ within the 32 largest French cities. Conclusion: Bordeaux dominates this ranking, followed by Tours and Metz.

“Every year since 2016, we have carefully listed all the largest fast food chains in the largest cities in France”, explain the authors of the study. “The objective being to alert on the gain of ground of the giants of junk food and to encourage the metropolises to answer and to find solutions concerning this mode of food, main vector of obesity in the young people”, they continue.

16 fast food chains

The study was carried out on the 16 fast food chains most present in the 32 largest French cities. “We thus find the most popular chains: McDonald’s, Burger King and Quick (still separated this year despite the gradual merger), KFC, Paul, La Brioche Dorée, Domino’s Pizza, Subway, La Mie Câline, Starbucks, La Croissanterie, Pizza Hut, Pomme de Pain, O’Tacos, Bagelstein and Speed ​​Burger “, detail the authors of the study.

Conclusion: it is Bordeaux which dominates this classification of junk food, with a density ratio of fast food restaurants per 1000 inhabitants equal to 0.1959 against 0.1724 for Tours, which climbs to the second step of the podium this year. 6th in the ranking last year, Tours saw its number of fast food restaurants increase significantly: 0.1611 in 2020 against 0.1724 per 1000 inhabitants in 2021. A difference in ratio which is explained in particular by the opening of three new O’Tacos and the closing of a Quick restaurant. Metz, 3rd last year, retains its place on the last step of the podium this year. In front of Limoge (2nd last year which goes down to 4th place), Lille and Brest, respectively 7th and 5th last year.

An unbalanced diet makes you die younger

Eating a balanced diet is essential for good physical and psychological health. For example, researchers recently demonstrated that people who consumed too many products poorly scored by the Nutri-Score showed increased mortality (total mortality and mortality linked to cancer or to diseases of the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems).


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