“Inas Nacht” (ARD): Guido Maria Kretschmer (VOX) barks openly over a TV colleague

“Shopping Queen” presenter Guido Maria Kretschmer is known for his blunt comments. In “Inas Nacht” he slandered a TV colleague.

  • “Shopping Queen” -Moderator Guido Maria Kretschmer always provides entertainment with his funny comments.
  • Also as a guest at ARD-Talkshow “Ina’s Night” As always, he didn’t crush any words.
  • But this time it hit one of his TV colleagues.

Hamburg – There is hardly a moment in the population VOX– Programm “Shopping Queen”, in which Fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer no funny saying comes out. He’s always entertaining and his fans love it. But that is Moderator also known for barely hacking words. Some candidates even fear his while filming blunt comments. That was last “Shopping Queen” -Juror by doing ARD-Talk Show “Ina’s Night” With Ina Müller a guest. He stayed there too Blasphemien not behind the mountain. This time, however, it hit one of his TV colleagues.

“Inas Nacht” (ARD): Guido Maria Kretschmer slandered a TV colleague

As if RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig not enough with Shitstorms and Body shameful of the network had to fight: now she’s getting one too annoying comment from her colleague Guido Maria Kretschmer. And again it’s about hers Feet. She recently caused a stir with a vacation photo Instagram has been done. Because her toes looked unnaturally long. Your pendant even suspected that the presenter had edited it with Photoshop. The theme repeated itself for weeks InstagramAccount after.

“Inas Nacht” (ARD): Guido Maria Kretschmer talks about Frauke Ludowig’s feet

As Guido Maria Kretschmer and presenter Ina Müller in their talk show on the Pedicure theme and Feet came, got Frauke Ludowig’s limbs back in focus. Guido’s facial expression alone revealed what the designer thought of feet in general: “I’m not a foot type. I always look away to ‘Shopping Queen’. “He probably did that too when he saw TV colleague Frauke Ludowig’s Instagram post:”Bad, what kind of toes does she have? I know Frauke well. That’s not normal!Guido was shocked and continued to talk about Frauke’s limbs: “The toes are like fingers. “Then presenter Ina Müller stepped into the blasphemy with a “You could play the piano with it,” she said just as imaginatively. ((jbr)

In addition to Guido, ‘Shopping Queen’ also includes the entertaining voice from the start, which has never been seen on TV. This man is hiding behind it. Moderator Judith Rakers recently spoke on Ina’s Night about an embarrassing daily news secret.

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