Including a severe stroke in the heart .. A statement reveals the causes of the death of Gala Fahmy

After her death shocked the artistic community yesterday, Saturday, a statement circulating on social media revealed the reason for The death of the artist, Gala Fahmy, She passed away at the age of 59.

Today, Sunday, the statement clarified that the causes of Jala Fahmy’s death came as a result of a sharp drop in blood circulation and cardiac arrest as a result of a severe heart attack, with severe disturbance of consciousness, and acute respiratory failure that led to cardiac arrest and death, according to the medical statement.

For his part, the captain of the acting professions, Ashraf Zaki, confirmed in a television statement, Saturday evening, that the news of the late artist’s death was surprising, explaining that “he knew that she had suffered a heart attack, and her family had to take her to the hospital for her first aid, which the doctors did not succeed in and she breathed.” Last”.

A circulating statement about the cause of the death of Gala Fahmy

And the artist, Gala Fahmy, passed away at the age of 59, on Saturday evening. The news was announced by her brother, director of photography, Mustafa Fahmy, through his account on “Facebook”, and wrote: “I moved to God’s mercy, my sister, Jala Fahmy.”

Many of the late artist’s stars went to her final resting place today, Sunday, in the presence of her ex-wife, musician Omar Khairat, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, head of the representative professions syndicate, and Minister of Culture Dr. Enas Abdel-Dayem.

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