Entertainment Including Al-Saqa and Fifi Abdo ... Here is a...

Including Al-Saqa and Fifi Abdo … Here is a list of the stars programs in Ramadan


8:00 AM

Friday 10 April 2020

Books – Baha Hijazi:

The idea of ​​the announcer program was, for the first time, about choosing an artist who plays the role of the broadcaster and the artist chooses his guest from the stars of art, sports and media. Perhaps this is the nucleus of the artists ’programs, which have continued over the past years, and have appeared in many forms.

And this Ramadan, a number of art stars offer programs on different screens, which we monitor for you in the next report.

Most of the Sakka

MBC Egypt announced the promo of “Most of the Sakka” program by Ahmed El-Sakka and Razan Maghribi, and the idea of ​​the program revealed a number of stars competing with El-Sakka in some competitions, while touching to talk about the old memories of the stars, and putting old photos during the episode.

Al-Saqa hosted in his program a number of stars, headed by Mohamed Heneidy, Karim Abdel Aziz, Amir Karara, Dora, Fifi Abdo and Nelly Karim, among others.

The program is the Arabic version of the famous British program “Beat the Star”, which is broadcast on the ITV television network.

– Mohammed Tharwat

Artist Mohamed Tharwat is going through the experience of presenting prank programs, with the program “No one understands the need,” and he will implement his prank in the audience, instead of hosting artists, to bring to mind hidden camera programs that have been presented for years with Ibrahim Nasr, and the “Adiin Alaql” program, among others.

The program will be shown during the month of Ramadan via MBC Egypt.

Fifi Abdo Program

The artist Fifi Abdo is engaged in the experience of pranks this year, and the artist, Fifi Abdo, has published a teaser video for the program, in which a group of artists hosts, and the artist Fifi Abdo will participate in the mold, Moroccan artist Zineb Abid.

– Ramez Galal

As usual, the artist Ramiz Jalal is playing the Ramadan season with a new dumps program, and the entire program was filmed in Dubai before the outbreak of the Corona crisis, and helps him with the broadcaster Arwa.




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