Including tracking the percentage of fat.. Learn about the features launched by the (Apple) smart watch

Apple has revealed that it has enhanced the capabilities of its smartwatch by adding new features to track the percentage of fat and muscle in the body through its AURA 2 bracelet.

And (Apple) announced a new package of features that will be available to users of its smart watch supported by its smart bracelet AURA 2, which will also include tracking water levels in the body, according to (Al Ain News).

(Apple) provides the AURA 2 bracelet in two different sizes, and the services of this bracelet can be used by using it through the version of the Apple Watch Series 3 and the following from advanced versions of the watch until the version of Series 7.

The AURA Strap 2 has a battery life of up to 6 months, and it also comes with a water-resistant design, and the new version features a design that provides more comfort to the user.

Fitness Plus improvements

(Apple) is preparing to make a set of improvements to a number of its most prominent electronic applications, which will include an improvement in the fitness application Fitness Plus.

And the reliable technical expert, “Mark Gorman”, stated in a report published by Bloomberg Agency, that the new improvements will include a number of applications, including the Apple Pay application and the Health application.

And (Apple) will make these improvements to its announced applications during the current year, and it will include, for example, the availability of the service to purchase and pay later through the Apple Pay payment application.

These improvements, through which Apple seeks to boost sales of future iPhones, according to what Gorman expects, with the approach of Apple’s annual developer conference.

With regard to the expected improvements that will be added to the Fitness Plus application, it is expected that the application will add a new number of physical exercises and nutrition services that support the services of the Health application.



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