Increase your immunity and resistance to diseases with these tips

Follow-up – Suzan Hassan

High immunity is one of the most important means of protecting the body against various diseases and viruses. What are the ways to raise this immunity?

In this article, we will present seven important ways to raise immunity, which are:

1. Immunity and sleep are closely related to each other:

Not getting enough sleep or poor quality sleep can increase a person’s susceptibility to disease, which explains why we need more sleep and rest when we are tired or sick and this allows the immune system to become stronger and more able to defend the body.

2. Eat more plant foods and whole grains:

Vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and whole grains are a very rich source of antioxidants, which play the most important role in the fight against pathogens, and in particular they work to fight free radicals (free radicals leave cells damaged and can cause inflammation if they accumulate in the body at high levels).

Free radicals are voracious molecules of oxygen, you get it from the cells of the body through the oxidation reaction and leave the cells damaged. To understand this, you can cut an apple and leave it aside and notice the brown color that appears on it that it is the result of the oxidation reaction that takes place with free radicals.

3. Make sure to eat more healthy fats:

Healthy fats such as: olive oil – fats in salmon, tuna and various types of fish – omega-3 – nuts – chia seeds
It strengthens the immune system and in particular enhances the body’s response to infections.

Inflammation is a normal response to injury and stress, but it suppresses and weakens the immune system when inflammation is severe or chronic.

It does not stop at preventing infections, because healthy fats protect cells and form a flexible environment around them, especially for skin cells, and also work to enhance the work of the digestive system.

4. You Should Limit Added Sugar:

The effects of added sugar on the body do not stop at the limit of weight gain and the consequent health problems, but eating it works to discourage the immune system and increases the possibility of infection and other diseases that weaken the body’s immunity, such as diabetes.

Thus, in order to increase immunity in the body, you must limit sugar to less than 5% of daily calories, which is equivalent to approximately 2 tablespoons (25 grams),

What you have to pay attention to is not only the sugar that you add to tea and coffee, but also to the sugar found in sweets, drinks, juices, etc.,
In addition, take into account the natural sugar in the fruits and vegetables that you supply your body with.

5. Get regular exercise.

Intense sports can dampen the immune system when exercised for a long time, on the other hand, moderate exercise works to enhance and increase immunity in the body, in addition to increasing the effectiveness of medications and vaccines, as it helps immune cells to do their work and to regenerate.

Among the most important examples of exercises that you can do: brisk walking – running – cycling – swimming – hiking – dancing – rope jumping… In general, you should exercise for at least 150 minutes per week, which you can divide into half an hour every Two days.

6. You have to keep your body hydrated, drink water:

Drinking water does not get rid of bacteria and germs! But it is effective in raising the ability of cells to do so and increasing immunity in the body

On the other hand, dehydration leads to headaches, fatigue, exhaustion, bad mood, loss of concentration, digestion problems and negatively affects the kidneys and heart, all of which means that you will be more susceptible to diseases.

So, you should drink enough water, ranging from 1.5 liters to 3 liters, which varies according to weight and age, and if you exercise, you will need a larger amount.

7. Get some sunlight. Vitamin D.

It’s the most important source of vitamin D and it’s the way that stimulates the body to manufacture it! And vitamin D, in turn, works to increase immunity in the body in addition to avoiding diseases, and the matter does not stop here, but the sun will help you to regulate your sleep and get enough of it.

So make sure that you are exposed to sunlight for at least 15-20 minutes and that is in the morning hours before the peak when the sun is nice, while if your house is facing away from the sun then you will have to consider getting a vitamin D supplement but it must be done This is according to the doctor’s instructions.

Finally, you are well, healthy and peace.

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