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Milk increases Parkinson’s risk

In a comprehensive study of the effects of diet on Parkinson-Risk it was found that that drinking milk apparently associated with an increased risk of disease.

In the new study involving experts from the University of Milano-Bicocca in Italy it was examined what effects the nutrition on the occurrence and progression of Parkinson Has. The results were published in the journal “Nutritional Neuroscience“ published.

Various large databases were evaluated

For the current study, the team conducted an evaluation of existing research, taking into account data from the year 2000 onwards. Only randomized clinical trials, case-control observational studies and follow-up studies were considered.

Ultimately, according to the team 52 investigations identified which met the required inclusion criteria. Most of these examined the effects of malnutrition and the Mediterranean diet on the onset and progression of Parkinson’s.

The researchers report that other studies have provided clues to the role of microbiota, vitamins, polyphenols, dairy products, coffee and alcohol consumption.

Parkinson’s due to improper diet?

Of all the environmental factors, nutrition is the most versatile factor that influences Parkinson’s disease, and the connections have therefore been intensively investigated. In the studies, for example, compliance with a mediterranean diet been associated with delayed onset and progression of Parkinson’s disease.

The elimination of malnutrition and the strengthening of the intestinal microbiota (intestinal flora) have similar positive effects in relation to Parkinson’s.

Polyphenols, fatty acids and coffee protect against Parkinson’s

It was also found that other factors such as Polyphenols, polyunsaturated fatty acids and coffee consumption also one potentially protective effect entail, the researchers report.

Milk increases the risk of Parkinson’s disease

However, some nutritional factors have also been identified that Increase risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. So increase Milk and milk by-products the risk of disease, the experts warn.

pay more attention to nutrition

The researchers emphasize that nutritional measures in neurology could make a significant contribution to improving clinical outcomes. The new findings are an important step in understanding how the Diet promotes the development of Parkinson’s disease or can protect against disease. (as)

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  • Vittorio Emanuele Bianchi, Laura Rizzi, Fahad Somaa: The role of nutrition on Parkinson’s disease: a systematic review; in: Nutritional Neuroscience (veröffentlicht 22.06.2022), Nutritional Neuroscience

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