Increased pensions have begun to be issued to Ukrainians: who will receive UAH 500 more

Increased pensions began to be paid to Ukrainians from March 4. If the size of the “net” payment was 5 thousand UAH, then the increase will be at the level of 550 UAH.

This is stated in OBOZREVATEL material… To to estimate what increase you can count on, you need to multiply the “net” pension by 1.11. The “net” amount is considered without premiums for seniority, an increase in the payment to the level of the subsistence minimum (if it is less), an addition of UAH 500 for pensioners over 80 years old and an increase in the payment of up to UAH 2400 for those who are 65 years of age and who have fulfilled the requirements for seniority …

Now retired Ukrainians receive about 28.7% of the last salary, they say in the Ministry of Social Policy. Gradually this figure will decrease to 18%… For example, with a salary of 10 thousand hryvnias, you can now receive about 2.87 thousand hryvnias, and in 2055, under the same conditions, it is already 1.8 thousand hryvnias.

“There is an explanation for such indicators: contributions are paid by 13.2 million employees, and pensions are received by 11.2 million pensioners“, – noted Minister of Social Policy Marina Lazebnaya.

And this is still a relatively positive outlook. Prime Minister Denis Shmygal believes that in 15 years the Ukrainians (if nothing is changed) will not receive pensions at all. The reason is the same – the demographic situation.

As reported OBOZREVATEL, in Ukraine, from July 1, the subsistence minimum for the disabled will be increased by UAH 85. As a result, the minimum pension will increase by UAH 85 to UAH 1,854, and the maximum pension – by UAH 850 to UAH 18,540..

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