Independiente Medellín vs Caracas, Copa Libertadores today: results and best moments of the match | Libertadores Cup

Deportivo Independiente Medellín fell 2-3 against Caracas Fútbol Club for the third date of group H in the 2020 Copa Libertadores. The Antioquia team was prey to their errors in defense and the quiet ball cost them close to elimination.

Although Independiente Medellín tried to go out on the sides, seeking to connect its attack front, Caracas took advantage of the slowness in the setback of the premises and at minute 6 of the first half opened the scoring after a collective play originated from the field itself, Sandro Notaroberto made a change In front of the right wing, it was held by Robert Hernández who found Eduardo Fereira at speed, arriving at speed to comfortably define the exit of Andrés Mosquera Marmolejo.

After the goal, the locals went looking for equality, looking for Javier Reina’s game and trying to be dynamic on the attack front. However, the visit advanced the lines and pressed short to generate the error in its rival.

At minute 24 and after a foul generated by Walter Rodríguez 35 meters from the goal, a minute later the second goal of Caracas came through the midfielder Anderson Contreras, who charged with his left leg in a great way to the upper right corner of Andrés Mosquera . Complicating the process of the commitment for Medellín.

At minute 31, Caracas returned to reach the back of the defenders through quick transitions. Robert Hernández narrowly scored the third in favor of the Venezuelans, who handed the ball to their rival and went on a counterattack.

About minute 34, Aldo Bobadilla decided to make two changes; he took out Mauricio Cortés and Steven Rodríguez, to make way for Carlos Monges and Israel Escalante, looking for a greater offensive weight. Until the 38th minute, Medellín managed to finish an offensive play, although Javier Reina’s header lacked more power.

In replacement time and after a corner charge, a shot outside the area hit Carlos Rivero in the hand, to which the Ecuadorian referee Carlos Orbe did not hesitate to sanction a penalty in favor of Medellín, Javier Reina transformed the penalty into the discount for the locals, who went to rest with 1-2 on the scoreboard. 193 days later, the red team from Antioquia scored with two coincidences: the goal was made by Javier Reina like that night against Millonarios by the League and in the southern goal.

In the complementary stage, Medellín took advantage of the minute of play, an error by goalkeeper Beycker Velázquez, who, clearing the ball, bounced off defender Diego Osío, leaving it to Leonardo Castro who finished with a hat, equaling the match 2-2.

With the balanced result, the locals advanced their lines, there was a greater connection, while the Venezuelan team was uncomfortable, appealing to strong play and deep ball. It was when at minute 9 and after a free kick from Robert Hernández, he fell to the center of the area, where the Argentine Alexis Blanco once again put the Caracas team ahead.

The spirits were heating up between the two teams, the clash and the constant fouls made a slow game, locked that benefited the visitors who were getting a key result for the future of the group. Averaging 22 minutes, the local tried to get closer to the rival area, for that he gave entry to Edwin Mosquera instead of Yulián Gómez, risking a man in defense by putting another attacker.

Caracas refreshed his team with three changes between minute 26 and 30, although he could not hold the ball, the Venezuelan team leaned against his goal, adding players very close to the area. At minute 34, a shot from Larry Angulo to the net reached it to touch the Carlos Monges line, canceling the offensive action and the opportunity to tie for Medellín.

Near closing, the visit exercised the last two available variants. The coach Joel Sanvicente was clear that he had to defend the victory and confusing the DIM who had possession, but he did not know how to be dynamic or deep.

The last minutes of the premises were prisoners of despair, where dynamics and offensive ideas were lacking. Caracas was in charge of bothering him and holding a historic result in order, achieving the second victory in Colombia for the Copa Libertadores and the first against a team from this country.

In the end, Medellín ends the first round of group matches with no points and no margin for error. He must win all the games that remain and that other results are given to preserve the options of qualifying, either for the South American Cup as third in his area or in the round of 16.

On the next date, Deportivo Independiente Medellín will face Boca Juniors of Argentina at the Atanasio Girardot stadium, while Caracas Fútbol Club receives Libertad from Paraguay at the Olympic stadium of the Central University of Venezuela.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
En twitter: @juanchoserran8


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