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Atlético Madrid-Chelsea

At the very beginning of the match in Bucharest, the English band could have been in serious trouble, and not just because Mason Mount got yellow in the first minute, deciding to miss the rematch. Édouard Mendy did not have a good day today, often losing his footing on the muddy pitch. Luis Suárez had a hard time on the waterlogged pitch – his trademark technique was nowhere in sight today.

By the end of the first 15 minutes, things were bustling, with Thomas Lemar on one side a little behind Suárez’s pass, and Timo Werner on the other who couldn’t get into Mount’s pass.

Field work then dominated, with Atlético giving up the ball completely, but Chelsea couldn’t work out more serious situations, although Jan Oblak once had to be in the gap with Werner’s shot from a sharp angle. The last chance of the half came before the Spaniards, but after Suárez played Ángel Correa, he no longer got the ball back because Chelsea defenders cleared it out.

The first half of the second half didn’t bring any more exciting moments either, there were moments when there was a little exaggeration for more fouls than the exact pass.

Then in the 68th minute, Chelsea took the lead out of nowhere with the fantastic scissors of former Gunner Prize winner Olivier Giroud, but the assistant immediately scored the shot and Felix Brych invalidated the goal.

Then there was a long video, after which Brych pointed to the middle circle, ie he gave the goal of the French striker, because it turned out that there was no ambush, as the ball was added from a defender.

Diego Simeone tried to shake his team with substitutions, but the Athlete was unable to renew for the remaining 20 minutes and no tie came, so the Argentine master suffered his first “home” defeat in the BL straight relegation stage on the Madrid bench and continues to hold the team ups and downs.

Chelsea, on the other hand, has won the sixth of their eighth match since the arrival of Thomas Tuchel and Zsolt Lőw and can expect a second match from a favorable position.

Lazio – Bayern Munich

Bayern München had a good opportunity to score the lead goal but the home team’s goalkeeper Robert Lewandowski saved Robert Lewandowski’s shot that was headed for the top corner from the right. Mateo Musacchio very close to giving Pepe Reina the ball, but the goalkeeper knocked it past the goalkeeper and then passed it to the empty goal in the evening.

A quarter of an hour later, the defending champion increased his advantage. Leon Goretzka kicked the ball there for Jamal Musiala, who started in the first BL match of his life, and the English midfielder, who turned three years later, shot the bottom right corner perfectly from his sixteen line.

With this on the one hand he became the youngest bayernes and on the other hand the youngest Englishman who was able to be successful in the series.

And the first half of the Bayern cylinder was not over yet. In the 42nd minute, Kingsley Coman rushed to the left, reaching the inside of the sixteen, doing a trick and then shooting at the goal. This was still defended by Reina, but the bouncing point went to Leroy Sané, who easily scored the Bavarians ’third goal and certainly decided to advance.

Defender continued execution in the second half: Coman started Sane, he squatted through Lazio, turned a defender inside the box and then gave it to the center, but instead of Alphonso Davies, Francesco Acerby, who was trying to save, got the ball into Reina’s goal.

It would be an honor for Lazio not to give up the match at 0-4, which was rewarded with beautification. Luis Alberto teased Joaquin Correa at a great pace, the Argentine midfielder fought his way through the Munich defense and then rolled into the goal from 10 meters past the helpless Manuel Neuer.

In the sequel, Bayern didn’t force the scoring, while Lazio tried to reduce their disadvantage, but in the final minutes, both teams were already just waiting for the triple whistle. So the Munichers started the straight relegation stage with a chance and their progress on the rematch is unlikely to be in danger.

Atlético Madrid (Spain) –Chelsea (Angol) 0–1 (0–0)

Goal: Giroud (68.)

Lazio (Italian) –Bayern Munich (German) 1-4 (0-3)
Goals: Correa (49th) and Lewandowski (9th), Musiala (24th), Sane (42nd), Acerbi (47th, own goal)


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