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2023-09-24 22:44:00

13-14 June 2023 Open the sky to see the world. Column on page 2 of Thairath newspaper wrote the articles ‘India is angry at Canada (1)’ and ‘India is angry at Canada (2)’. It is about the conflict between India and Canada for 2 days in a row. Reason for writing Because before that Canadian Sikhs stage a parade mocking the assassination of former prime minister Indira Gandhi in Brampton. Province of Ontario

Police Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Nitipoomthanat Mingrujiralai Suggest that I write this story. Ready to provide information Jallianwala Bagh Park Massacre of Indians, 1919, and Sikh Massacre including the destruction of the Golden Temple which is a sacred religious site for Sikhs, 1984

Professor Nitipoomthanat predicts that A third violent event is about to occur, and this time the Five Eyes, a group of countries of British heritage that divides the task of controlling both the Northern Hemisphere (US, Canada, and England) and the Southern Hemisphere (Australia and New Zealand), will enter. Come and get involved.

After only four days of writing about the conflict between India and Canada, on June 18, 2023, there was the murder of 45-year-old Hardip Singh Nijjar, a Canadian activist of Indian descent who practiced religion. Sikh outside a Sikh church in Surrey city ​​of vancouver Canadian province of British Columbia Bringing resentment to Sikhs around the world. This is especially true of the Sikhs in Canada, who number around 800,000.

The Canadian government allowed a parade to mock the assassination of Mrs. Gandhi. former prime minister of india Bringing frustration to the Indian government and the entire Indian nation. Professor Nitipoomthanat told me that This is about mocking former leaders. No country’s government would allow it. After opening the sky to the world and spreading this matter for only 4 days, Mr. Nijjar was killed on Canadian soil.

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June 6, 1984 Mrs. Gandhi becomes Prime Minister. The Indian Army attacked the Sikh Golden Temple and killed Sikh leader Sharnail Singh Bhindranwale. along with hundreds of other Sikhs Indian soldiers demolish and demolish the building of a Sikh temple.

A few months later, October 31, 1984, Mrs. Gandhi’s bodyguard, a Sikh, then killed Mrs. Gandhi While walking out of the House to give a television interview The anger over the killing of the Prime Minister by Sikhs has always been in the hearts of Indians.

Intelligence agencies of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They worked together to establish a link between Nijjar’s killer and the Indian diplomat. The Canadian government therefore expelled the diplomat who served as India’s intelligence chief in Canada. India also expels senior Canadian diplomat from the country. and declared Canada a country that provides sanctuary to terrorists. which India cannot accept

September 18, 2023 Prime Minister Trudeau issues an emergency statement to the House of Representatives of Canada. that Indian government spies were involved in the murder of Mr. Nijjar ‘An unacceptable violation of sovereignty’ Trudeau insists the Canadian government will use available evidence. Find the facts to bring the wrongdoers to justice. After that, Canada suspended negotiations on a trade treaty with India that were to be held this month. India also suspended visas for Canadian citizens. Canadians are not allowed to enter India.

Canada cooperates with the United States in resisting China. The United States has also recently succeeded in convincing India to join its forces against China. Conflict between the two nations of India and Canada It makes the United States uncomfortable. On the one hand, there is Canada, which is the same blood and blood as himself. Some of their ancestors came from England together. On the other side is India. A large country that the United States wants to use to help fight China.

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Trudeau himself is embarrassed by the fact that he is the leader of the Liberal Party, which has 12 Canadian MPs who are Sikhs. The Canadian House of Representatives has 15 Sikh MPs.

Prosperous reader Follow this matter carefully. It probably won’t end easily.

Nitikarun Mingrujiralai
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