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Male (Maldives) ∙ India in SAFF Football Final; Sunil Chhetri surpassed Pele in scoring international goals. Sunil Chhetri is standing tall in front of the fans who are worried about what to celebrate in this!

In the decisive match, India scored 2 goals in the most desirable early victory. The brilliant goals that gave India a 3–1 victory over the Maldives. They will go down in history as the ones who surpassed the Brazilian legend Pele in goals. Sunil Chhetri deserves a lot of respect! Chhetri Pele (77) had scored in the India – Nepal match yesterday.

Chhetri’s total was 79 with 2 goals scored today. In terms of goals scored, Sunil Chhetri is now another active legend; Lionel Messi of Argentina. Chhetri has scored 79 goals in 124 matches. Messi lags behind Chhetri in goal average; Messi has scored 80 goals in 155 appearances. Manveer Singh scored India’s 3rd goal against Maldives.

English Summary: SAFF Championship: India vs Maldives


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