India Scandal: Son of Bollywood Megastar Arrested for Alleged Drug Trafficking | TV and Show

For some, it is a “witch hunt” for their Muslim “surname” in a Hindu-majority country. For others, a mere political strategy of the local authorities.

India is experiencing the arrest of Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan, who was denied bail again this Thursday after his arrest for an alleged case of drug trafficking.

The 23-year-old was arrested along with seven other people on October 2 in the western city of Bombay, headquarters of the Bollywood film industry, following a raid during a party at a cruise bound for the neighboring state of Goa.

After spending almost two weeks in prison, a Bombay court today once again denied the defense’s request for bail, so the young man must remain behind bars at least until the next October 20, when a decision is expected.

The Indian Central Narcotics Bureau (NCB) stated during the hearing of the case that the defendant frequently used prohibited substances and was in contact with people abroad who “They seem to be part of a drug trafficking network”, according to the delhi news channel NDTV.

For his part, Khan’s lawyer, Amit Desai, replied that, at the time of his arrest, the young man did not have drugs or had enough money to buy them, so there would be no evidence to charge him with drug trafficking.

The NCB bases its accusations on several WhatsApp conversations that would show that Khan has been using drugs for several years, evidence on which, for his part, Desai defended that the messages of “today’s young people” can be easily misinterpreted , and that even if it was the case that the young man used, that would mean that they should try to rehabilitate him, and not sentence him to prison.

Indian society is shocked by the case of the eldest son of Shah Rukh Khan, an actor idolized in India and whose career is full of great Bollywood hits, among which stands out “The brave will take the bride” (1995), a romantic film that ran for more than 1,000 consecutive weeks.

For many the case is nothing more than a witch hunt against Khan for his Muslim “surname” in this country with a Hindu majority, or to simply try to set an example to society in its fight against drugs, saying that not even the most powerful they can flee from Justice, facing jail if they consume or traffic.

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