India – She walks around a tiger, he follows her into the forest and devours her


A forest ranger was fatally attacked by a wild animal while touring with three colleagues on Saturday in a reserve in the center of the country.

A 46-year-old Indian woman died suddenly on Saturday in the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) in Maharashtra state. Ranger Swati Dhumane was on a surveillance tour with three colleagues when she spotted a wild animal at a distance of about 200 meters. It was Maya, a 10-year-old tigress. “They waited for her to go away for about 30 minutes, but as she was not moving, Swati Dhumane decided to make a detour to get around her,” said Jitendra Ramgaokar, TATR’s director of operations.

According to this, the female felt that there was movement in the forest. “She followed the four people and attacked Swati Dhumane, who was walking behind the three workers,” said the director. The victim’s colleagues gave the alert but could do nothing for the forty-something, whom the beast had dragged through thick tufts of bamboo. The body of the victim, married and mother of a daughter, was recovered soon after and given to a medical examiner, writes the «Sun».

Surveillance tours – carried out to document the activities of tigers in the reserve – have been temporarily suspended. “In general, in such conditions, it is advisable to go in and finish the remaining part later, when the path is clear,” explains Nandkishore Kale, deputy park manager. The employee is the third victim of Maya, after other tragedies that occurred in 2017 and 2020. According to Bandu Dhotre, a wildlife expert, tigers rarely attack humans, especially in tourist areas. “Maya’s attack on a ranger is therefore very shocking to us, to say the least,” he concludes.


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