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Indian funds sell shares after 17-month buying spree

by archyde

investment institutions Hindi It begins selling domestic stocks at the same time as foreign funds return to the country’s $3.4 trillion stock market.

Local institutions sold $889 million in stock in August, the first month to report a net sale since February 2021.

Foreigners have bought $7.6 billion worth of shares since the end of June, after their historic withdrawal of $33 billion worth of shares since October.

The change of owner did not affect the rally in Indian stocks, which have risen in value by a strong 10% since the end of June even though stock markets in the rest of the world are notably weak.

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Despite the general selling activity on the part of local investors, continued investment funds Receiving monthly cash flows in excess of $1 billion.

Giant hedge fund betting “We are sunset” (Man Group) on defense stocks in India, and a technical illustration indicates that Indian stocks are poised to take off.

India’s benchmark stock market index, the NSE Nifty 50 Index, has been going through a so-called golden cross pattern for a week, where the 50-day moving average crosses the 100-day moving average to indicate an uptrend.

The last time the golden cross pattern occurred in July 2020, the Nifty 50 jumped nearly 90% over a 15-month period.

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