Indian man sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his wealthy wife by letting a cobra kill him|India

Original Title: Indian Man Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Killing Rich Wife by Killing Cobra

China News Service, October 14 According to foreign media reports, Indian man Sooraj Kumar (Sooraj Kumar) bit his wife by biting his wife with poisonous mountain vipers and cobras in 2020, causing her to be poisoned and killed. The local court sentenced him to two life imprisonments on the 13th. The prosecutor said this was an “extremely rare” case.

The prosecutor pointed out that the 28-year-old Kumar first put a venomous mountain viper on his wife Uthra, causing her to be hospitalized for nearly two months.

When Usra returned to her natal home to recuperate, Kumar asked the snake trainer for a cobra and threw it at his sleeping wife. 25-year-old Usra was bitten by a cobra and was poisoned to death.

Although Kumar pleaded not guilty, the police pointed out that phone records show that he had contacted snake trainers before killing Usra in March last year and watched snake videos on the Internet.

The prosecutor who asked the judge to sentence Kuma to death said: “The defendant’s pattern of murder and evil plans for the murder of his bedridden wife Usra are extremely rare.”

It is reported that Usra comes from a wealthy family, but her husband who works in a bank is not well-off. The huge dowry of their marriage includes a new car and about $20,000; Kuma tried to control her property after Usra’s death. Cause the woman’s parents to become suspicious.

According to media reports, a few days after the murder, it was discovered that some of Usra’s gold was buried near the Kuma’s house, and the Kuma family was charged with conspiracy to commit a crime.

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