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The epidemic in India is out of control. 400,000 new cases were confirmed in a single day, and 2 people died every minute. Taiwan also has an outbreak of China Airlines pilot infection and the expansion of the Novotel hotel cluster case. A total of 9 pilots, 6 family members, and 4 hotel employees have been diagnosed. International expert Lai Yueqian said that the out-of-control epidemic in India is a man-made disaster, but Taiwan is still politically preventing the epidemic. He is very worried that if it becomes the same as the situation in India, a big gap will be formed.

On the 1st, Lai Yueqian said in the “Advance Strategic Highland” program of Zhongtian News that why the epidemic in India has gone out of control is generally considered to be a man-made disaster. Politicians play a very important role. He pointed out that India is a group of politicians taking the lead in demonstrating violations of epidemic prevention regulations, making all Indians take part in political and religious activities lightly. Because the virus is a double mutant virus, it is extremely poisonous and the infection rate is also very fast. There are even viruses that have been passed down in the UK. Various viruses have gathered in India, which shows how serious the situation is. From the current point of view, the epidemic in India is dominated by man-made disasters and supplemented by natural disasters.

Lai Yueqian pointed out that the out-of-control epidemic in India is a man-made calamity, but it can be used as a reference for Taiwan. If Taiwan is also a political epidemic prevention, for example, Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shizhong wants to participate in the election. it is good.

Lai Yueqian believes that our people in Taiwan have done a great job in epidemic prevention, including wearing masks and keeping a safe distance when entering and leaving public places. However, our epidemic prevention center is still politically preventing epidemics. He is very worried that the epidemic prevention will be the same as the situation in India. A big breach, and let this big breach cause Taiwan’s epidemic prevention failure, this is what we don’t want to see.

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