Indices continue to rise at mid-session

At 12:28, the MASI and MADEX indices gained 1.14% to 10,883 points and 1.17% to 8,861 points, in respective order.

The FTSE CSE Morocco 15, he took 1.02% to 9,733 points.

The overall volume of trade hovered around 129 MDH, largely drained by Attijariwafa Bank (nearly 31 MDH).

Biggest increases

Maroc Telecom gained 0.35% to 143DH following the exchange of 123,286 shares. Dar Saada Residences took 3.93% to 27.22 DH following the exchange of 83,533 shares. Attijariwaf Bank took 3.32% to 408DH following the exchange of 77,141 shares.

Biggest drops

Sonasid lost 1.61% to 250DH following the exchange of 4,476 shares. This was the most significant drop in terms of transaction volume.


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