Indignation in Herstal where a teacher rates the physique of her students on TikTok (video)

The video, broadcast on TikTok, shocked both his colleagues, his students and their parents. The administrative power took charge.

The aim of teachers, in normal times, is to support the pupils. But in this case, a professor at Saint-Lambert College in Herstal somewhat forgot this duty. This is how she made a video on social networks where she had fun giving notes on the physique of her students, all alongside her own son.

An “unacceptable” video according to the school principal

In addition to stringing comments degrading, even assimilated to pure nastiness, this video was broadcast via the most popular social network among adolescents: TikTok. Unsurprisingly, this has reached the students, as well as parents and school administration. All right at the start of the school year.

As RTL Info shows, the parents did not fail to make their dissatisfaction known. ” She can’t put people down like that, she has to lead by example. When we already see the school bullying, and there we have a teacher who is doing it, I find it very shocking »Says a mother of two children who attend the school in question.

Faced with the controversy, the school’s organizing power promised to react. ” The content and dissemination of this video seems completely unacceptable to me […] The professor has been heard and we are investigating. Once all the clarity has been made, the organizing power will obviously take the necessary measures. », Assures the director of the second and third degree of the school to RTL Info.


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