Individual French health workers issued false vaccination certificates claiming that they did not seek benefits

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Original title: Individual French health workers issued false vaccination certificates claiming that they did not seek benefits

  Overseas Network, June 29th Some health workers in France admitted that they pretended to inject the new crown vaccine for some people so that they could obtain a vaccination certificate to travel abroad, but they said that they did not benefit from it.

According to the “Parisian” report, in early June this year, a temporary employee of the Vaccination Center of Saint Anne Hospital in Paris was found to have issued a false COVID-19 vaccination certificate and was fired. This nurse works in an institution in the Paris area and has been temporarily employed by the Vaccination Center of Saint Anne Hospital since January this year for COVID-19 vaccination. As early as May, when the New Crown Vaccination Center was able to issue a vaccination certificate on its own, the nurse began to fake it. Sometimes she did not actually get the vaccine, but issued the vaccination certificate for the other party. Some of her “unusual behavior” caught the attention of other staff. Vaccination centers usually have two nurses in each injection compartment, but on several occasions, the nurse involved asked to vaccinate alone and let another colleague go out. Many of these “vaccinators” are people who have previously been infected with the new coronavirus and therefore only need one dose of the vaccine. Later, my colleagues discovered that these “vaccinators” had neither signs of disinfection nor bandages applied, and realized that not all of them were vaccinated, so they reported to the hospital management. The hospital decided to terminate the contract, report the relevant situation to the Paris Region Health Institution and the Nurses Association, and issued a “suspicion of fraud” to the prosecutor’s officeComplaint

Lilian (a pseudonym), a pharmacist in the Marne-Val-de-France region of Paris, admitted in an interview with The Parisian that sometimes she pretends to vaccinate the vaccinators at the request of the vaccinators, and then vaccinate them without being noticed. Throw it in the trash can so that it won’t cause any suspicion, because the vaccine dose is counted. Moreover, she pretended to put a bandage on the other’s arm, creating the illusion that they had already been vaccinated. She explained that this is mainly to help relatives and friends. Many people around me want to travel in the summer but do not want to get a vaccine.

Lilian emphasized that she has never “sold” the vaccination certificate, and every time she does it for free, “I know that I am taking a big risk and may be disqualified from practicing, and I will be sanctioned for fraud.” According to French law, This behavior can be sentenced to up to three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros, and if prosecuted for fraud, the maximum can be sentenced to five years in prison and a fine of 375,000 euros. But Lilian still does this sometimes. She believes, “As long as no one complains, it’s unlikely to be caught.”

When Frank (a pseudonym), a nurse in the western suburbs of Paris, issued false vaccination certificates for 15 people. One of the 37-year-old “vaccinators” Nathan was asked about the possibility of contracting the new crown virus and spreading it to other vulnerable groups. He said indifferently, “Those who are susceptible to infection will have no problem getting vaccinated. I don’t understand why I should vaccinate them instead.”

Cyril Columbani, chairman of the Confederation of Pharmacists’ Unions in the Alpes-Maritimes Province, condemned that this is not a question of the amount of false vaccination, but that it should not happen at all. He admitted that within 10 days, six people had asked him if he could pretend to be vaccinated during the appointment, such as “Is it possible to get the vaccination certificate without getting the vaccination?”, “I will pay you” and so on. A woman even asked him, “Can you pretend to tie it on my clothes?” Cyril Columbani was very angry at this situation and could not understand, “Why did they do this? The country does not compulsory vaccination. If they are traveling, they only need to do a new crown test.”

Patrick Raymond, chairman of the Federation of Pharmacists’ Unions in the Rhône Estuary, heard the same reaction from about 10 pharmacists. He condemned, “These people put our lives, the lives of others, the lives of our children and our parents at risk.”

In addition to people who have completed the new crown vaccination and those who have tested negative for the new crown, they can get a “health pass” for traveling abroad or participating in large-scale events, and those who have recovered from the new crown infection can also get a “health pass”. Therefore, in addition to pretending to be vaccinated, it is also Some people ask general practitioners to write false prescriptions to prove that they have been infected with the new crown virus but have recovered. Rodolph, in his 40s, said that he issued a false positive certificate for the new crown in June. With this document, he can travel with peace of mind this summer.

The French General Administration of Health has issued a warning that no matter the scale of such fraud, it will be sanctioned. In the case of judicial intervention, the medical insurance agency will be able to provide all information in order to identify the relevant health workers or vaccination centers, as well as the exact date and time when the relevant certificates are generated. The police are also concerned about this fraud. (Overseas Net-Paris-Lu Jia)

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