Indomitable kt Yuhan-jun, sprinting despite injuries

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“I wanted to be a role model for my juniors… I can’t worry about injuries alone.”

kt wiz Yuhan-jun

[연합뉴스 자료사진]

(Suwon = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Kyung-yun = Professional baseball players who are about to retire are usually reluctant to play an active base.

This is because base play such as sprint, home rush, and sliding can change the game atmosphere and have a decisive influence on the team’s victory, but an injury in the process can put an end to the player’s career.

So, some players focus on throwing and hitting records that affect the calculation of high performance, but they lose their strength in the base.

Against this background, kt wiz Yuhan-jun (40), the best beast in the league, made an impressive play.

He came out as the lead batter in the bottom of the 7th inning after a 1-2 home match against NC Dinos in the 2nd leg of the double header at Suwon KT Wiz Park held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 28th and hit a left-handed hit.

Yuhan-jun, who finished second and third bases, went head-first sliding with the home in front of him, scoring the same score as a thousand gold.

As the indomitable Yuhan-jun ran with this clenched fist, the stadium became a melting pot of enthusiasm.

All of the kt players, you and I, squeezed all their strength into the game.

Yuhan-jun’s activities continued. In the 8th inning attack, he even blew a left-wing solo gun that puts the key to the game.

KT won the match 5-2 on this day, which could be the winner of the lead fight based on the spark that Yuhan-jun ignited.

After the game, Yuhan-jun said, “Actually, the batting line was stagnant until the 6th inning,” he said.

He added, “If a similar situation arises next time and my play motivates my juniors, I will gladly sprint.”

In fact, Yuhan-jun’s sprint on this day was an unreasonable play that came out of a difficult situation.

Yuhan-jun suffered from chronic calf pain this season. There was a risk of relapse while sprinting.

Yuhan-jun is not young, so if he was injured now, he could finish his career as a player.

“Honestly, I’m concerned about the injury,” he said. “I also know that if I get hurt right now, I may not be able to participate in the Korean Series championship.”

Yuhan-jun has never won the Korean Series since his professional debut in 2000.

“But now, our players are fighting for the top spot more fiercely than anyone else,” he said.

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