Indonesia, Germany launch a project to prevent ocean waste | Environment

Plastic pollution in Manado, Indonesia. (Source: Tuewas Asia)

Indonesia cooperates with Germany to launch the 3RproMar pilot project to address the problem of marine litter, especially plastic, as well as raise awareness and waste management.

The Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Jakarta quoted the announcement of the German Embassy in Jakarta on February 15, saying the project 3RproMar was piloted in Manado, North Sulawesi, as part of the cooperation program between ASEAN and Germany to implement the project to prevent waste plastic to the sea.

The 3RproMar project has the goal of reducing, reusing, recycling to protect the marine environment and coral reefs.

According to the announcement of the German Embassy, ​​marine plastic litter is a global threat that strongly affects the local level in coastal cities like Manado.

The rich underwater resources and marine environment here make the city particularly vulnerable to the negative impacts of ocean plastic waste on fisheries and tourism.

These collaborative efforts to raise awareness, increase waste prevention and improve waste management will be particularly beneficial to the region, as Manado is the capital of North Sulawesi province, where Bunaken National Park and area Coral Triangle and is home to one of the richest marine biodiversity in the world.

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Earlier, on February 8, German Ambassador to Indonesia, Ms. Ina Lepel met with Mayor of Manado, Mr. Andrei Angouw, to discuss strengthening international cooperation on waste management in the city through a pilot project. This.

The two sides discussed ways to cooperate to increase collection and recycling capacity and minimize the amount of waste generated in the context of the global plastic waste crisis.

Ambassador Lepel said that these efforts not only help to avoid wasteful use of resources and pollution due to waste leakage, but also open up new business models and contribute to job creation.

At the national level, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) as the project implementing agency to tackle the problem of plastic waste and marine litter in Indonesia.

Germany is a leader in recycling, with more than 70% of the waste collected every year being recycled.

According to Ambassador Lepel, Germany’s support project for Indonesia and Manado city is within the framework of ASEAN-Germany development cooperation.

She emphasized regulation and public awareness as key to ensuring the success of the project and the importance of waste management in Southeast Asia.


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