Indonesia in the Shadow of Recession, What Should We Do?


Indonesia in the shadows recession. It is not impossible because the neighboring countries that have been categorized as advanced, such as Singapore and South Korea (South Korea), both have entered the brink of recession.

Before recession economy really happened in Indonesia, there is no harm in preparing yourself from now on. The community must be frugal from now on to prepare emergency funds during the recession. Because no one knows how long the recession will last.

“Also reduce spending that is not appropriate to your needs and focus on food and health needs. So don’t fall into the wasteful lifestyle. Pandemic teaches us what can be saved turns out to make personal financial resilience stronger,” said Economist Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF), Bhima Yudhistira said detikcom, Friday (7/17/2020).

The same thing was said by the Director of Research of the Center for Reform on Economics (CORE) of Indonesia, Piter Abdullah. According to him, at a time like this people should not be wasteful and have to prepare for the worst conditions to meet the financial needs.

“Still have to be prepared to prepare for the worst conditions, if the recession is prolonged. This needs strong stamina, including sufficient savings. Don’t be wasteful,” he said.

Besides preparing a lot of savings, the community is also advised to maintain health so that the recession is not prolonged. Because the recession occurred due to the deadly virus Corona (COVID-19).

“The main thing is maintaining health. Recession is caused by the plague, therefore the main solution to dealing with recession is to end the plague. When the outbreak ends, recession will end, “he said.

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