“Indonesia Open” defender Zhou Tiancheng defeated Li Zhuoyao in 35 minutes to advance to the top 16 men’s singles-Free Sports

Zhou Tiancheng. (Information photo, AFP)

[Reporter Lin Yuefu/Comprehensive Report]Taiwanese brother Zhou Tiancheng defeated the world-ranked Hong Kong player Li Zhuoyao 21:12 and 21:14 at the Super 1000 Series Indonesia Open today and advanced to the top 16 men’s singles.

Zhou Tiancheng continued to stay in Bali to fight for the Super 1000 Indonesia Open, and continued to fight for the tickets for the year-end tournament. The event was not held last year due to the epidemic. Xiaotian, who won the championship in 2019, played as the defender. Zhou Tiancheng and Li Zhuoyao have won 2 each in the past 4 encounters, but the winner of the last two encounters is Li Zhuoyao.

Zhou Tiancheng fell behind by 3 points in the first game, but then tried to chase the points, leading by 11:9 before the technical timeout, and in the second half of the game, he pressed his opponents to get ahead with a 9:3 offensive.

Zhou Tiancheng, who was the next city first, had exchanges with Li Zhuoyao in the second game. The two sides had tied for 9 times. After a tie at 14:14, Xiaotian scored 7 points in a row and directly locked the victory and put the top 16 tickets in his pocket. Zhou Tiancheng’s opponent in the next round will be the winner between Thomas Rouxel of France and Kenta Nishimoto of Japan.

Zhou Tiancheng reached the top 4 in the Super 750 Indonesia Masters last week, with a total of 7,700 points. The year-end points ranked 10th from the original 18,170 points. This week it became 25,870 and ranked 9th. He wants to have 5 consecutive games. To bravely enter the year-end tournament, this week in the Indonesian Open needs to continue to have a good performance.

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