Indonesia Will Lose Natural Heritage the Most Important Part of the Earth


JAKARTA – Signs b umi is getting critical or old is indisputable, even the signs are increasingly visible. The United Nations climate report or Sixth Assessment Report for the aspects of marine, cryosphere and sea level rise warns that Indonesia will lose its natural heritage which is very meaningful for the survival of people in the world.

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As reported on the official website of the UNFCCC, the loss of the Okjökull glacier due to climate change in Iceland will be felt in Indonesia too. Indonesia has a Glacier in the Jayawijaya Mountains. No less than 84.9% of the ice mass in the Jayawijaya Mountains has melted since 1988, so this natural heritage is predicted to disappear in the coming decades.

Even more worrying, the impacts of climate change by greenhouse gas emissions are not just touching glacier which is the only one in Indonesia, but also the sea which covers 70% of the territory of Indonesia and its depth exceeds the height of Puncak Jaya.

Recently the UN panel of scientists on the issue of climate change or IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) released a Special Report on Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing_Climate (SROCC), a study related to ocean and cryosphere conditions (glaciers, ice sheets, etc.) in world.

I am currently involved in writing lclimate report The upcoming UN or Sixth Assessment Report for aspects of marine, cryosphere and sea level rise. The following is my explanation regarding the results of the SROCC study which need to be of concern to the Indonesian people.

A total of 104 climate experts from 36 countries assessed the status and projections of the impacts of climate change on the oceans and cryosphere and their implications for ecosystems and people based on 6,981 scientific publications.

The results of research by climate experts reveal that the melting of the ice sheet which leads to rising sea levels globally is one of several domino effects of climate change.


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