Industrial production in the US reports a better figure and gives new relief to the economy | Economy

The recovery in industrial production comes at a complex time for the US economy, which at the end of July entered what experts consider a technical recession.

The US industrial production rose 0.6% in Julywhich represents a strong acceleration compared to June, which remained stable, and to May, when it fell 0.1%, according to data published on Tuesday by the Federal Reserve (Fed).

This index, which measures the percentage of resources used by companies and factories based on all the production plants available in the country, stood at 104.8 points in July, 3.9% more compared to the same month of 2021.

For its part, the utilization rate of industrial capacity in the US stood at 80.3% in July, four tenths more than in June and 1.3 points more than in July of last year.

By sectors, the manufacturing production it gained 0.7% after falling 0.4% in each of the previous two months, while output of motor vehicles and parts rose 6.6%.

The mining index rose 0.7%, while the public services index decreased 0.8%.

The recovery in industrial production occurs at a complex time for the US economy, which at the end of July entered what experts consider to be a technical recession by chaining two quarters of falls in the gross domestic product (GDP).

A diagnosis that, however, does not share the Government that presides over Joe Biden, who does not believe that the country is in a recession scenario given the robustness of its economy, especially its labor market, with an unemployment rate of 3.5%.

Also, last July inflation took a breath, after reaching its highest rate in four decades in June, and stood at 8.5%, 6 tenths less than in June.

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