Inés Prieto, actress in ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, is in ICU for COVID-19

Inés Prieto, actress.

© Photo: @inesprietosa
Inés Prieto, actress.

After it was announced on May 20 that the actress, Ines Prieto, remembered for playing Doña Hortensia in ‘Passion of Hawks‘, tested positive for COVID-19, different Colombian personalities and family members raised a request to the health sector to provide them with a space in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) from Hospital San Ignacio, due to the seriousness of his situation.

One of the first institutions to manifest itself was the Colombian Association of Actors, which reported through Twitter that the actress was in imminent risk because she had “arterial gases at 70“Added to this is the fact that she is 66 years old, which places her within the high-risk population.

Despite the fact that the health center was saturatedHe finally decided to give her a space since his blood oxygen levels were very low and he was wearing a respirator. The actor Julio Hernán Correal The same platform was used to inform that the woman had already been treated by the medical staff and to thank the people who helped expedite the process.

“I just received very good news. Finally, thanks to the help of all the people and the media that publicized her case, around 1:30 am a bed was found.


for our friend Inés Prieto. On behalf of his daughters

thanks to all the people who collaborated

, he specified in his account.

The followers and colleagues closest to Prieto have used digital platforms to send you countless messages of strength, Among those that stand out:

“The best energy for Inés Prieto, only admiration”, “She is a film actress above all, very good”, “What? I didn’t know. I hope she will recover very soon! Inés is not only an excellent actress, one of the best there is, is a great woman Goddess ”

, etc.

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