Infected with Covid-19, this mother’s milk changes color to neon green

MONTERREY, – A mother found ABOUT hers turned neon green when she and her baby were diagnosed with infection Covid-19.

Anna Cortez, 23, from Monterrey, Mexico, said her breast milk color slowly returned to normal shortly after she battled Covid-19 and tested negative.

Launch Mirror on Thursday (12/2/2021), a pediatrician who is also a lactation consultant assured her that breast milk is safe, because the color change can be triggered by natural antibodies that fight viral infections and to protect her baby, Mikayla, who was 4 months old.

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Experts argue that the green color can be caused by the mother’s baby on a diet. However, Cortez says that nothing has changed with her diet and that in the past her breast milk was always white, despite eating lots of vegetables.

“I spoke with my daughter’s pediatrician, who is also a lactation consultant and she said it is common, when the mother is sick or the baby is sick with a cold or stomach, the mother’s milk changes color and adapts to it. antibody, “he explained.

“The reason it is so striking in this case is because the virus is very strong,” he said.

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When she tested positive for Covid-19, Cortez was told by her pediatrician that she could continue breastfeeding, as it was best for the 4 month old daughter and would provide all the nutrition she needed.

“If, he (the baby) is sick, (the womb) breast milk will fight it,” he repeated the doctor said.

According to information he got from the doctor, that “your body knows what it is doing and if it changes something in your breast milk, because that is what your body needs.”

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British health experts quoted from Mirror, says its mother infected with Covid-19 should continue to breastfeed because it is useful to protect the baby.

A study shows that the virus cannot pass into breast milk, experts say.

Meanwhile, in the UK mothers who are breastfeeding their children can receive vaccine whatever is currently permitted to be used, if they meet the priority group requirements.

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Courtez and his daughter, Mikayla, who was only 4 months old at the time, were infected corona virus in January.

Baby Mikayla developed a cough and fever and recovered in just a few days. Meanwhile, the 23-year-old mother experienced symptoms, such as a runny nose and lost her sense of taste and smell.

Courtez’s breast milk was white when he pumped breast milk 4 days before experiencing symptoms of the corona virus. By the time she was pumping breast milk next, she had been infected with Covid-19 and her milk had changed color.

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