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Infectiologist Heinz Burgmann from the Vienna General Hospital commented on the increasing corona numbers in Austria in the “ZiB 2” on Friday.

1,121 new corona cases on Monday, 1,524 on Tuesday, 1,958 on Wednesday, 2,435 on Thursday and 2,571 on Friday – the number of new infections in Austria has risen sharply this week. The corona virus is spreading rapidly in all nine federal states.

In Vorarlberg you had to due to the rapidly increasing numbers in the country, even contact tracing restrict. “We will no longer be able to maintain the full scope of contact follow-up in the near future and must therefore concentrate on high-risk groups,” declared Health Councilor Martina Rüscher.

Unfortunately, not only is the number of new infections increasing rapidly in Austria, but also the number of corona patients in hospitals. A total of 1,058 people are currently in the hospital with Covid-19, 158 of them are in intensive care.

“Can get problems relatively soon”

Infectiologist Heinz Burgmann from Vienna General Hospital was a guest in “Zeit im Bild 2” on Friday evening and spoke with presenter Lou Lorenz-Dittlbacher about the current corona situation in the country – and especially in the hospitals. “In the last days and weeks the beds have filled up more and more,” explained Burgmann right at the beginning.

At the moment there are still enough intensive care beds, but “it is a gradual process and we can have problems relatively soon”. Because every increase in intensive care patients caused by Covid carries the risk that “other diseases cannot be treated appropriately”.

“That is why it is important to take action now. Now we still have enough intensive care beds, but that can change quickly,” said the infectiologist in “ZiB 2”. Even in comparison with other European countries, Austria would still have a large number of beds available for intensive care patients.

In an interview with Lorenz-Dittlbacher, Burgmann also explained that the current corona situation and the increasing numbers are not an easy situation for the staff in the hospitals either. “It is an extreme burden to treat corona patients. It is a much more complex and larger effort,” explains the infectiologist from Vienna General Hospital.

Then corona sufferers should go to a hospital

Burgmann: “We must therefore ensure that we protect these resources”. There are currently 25,879 active corona cases (as of October 23) in Austria, but the majority of corona patients have no symptoms or a mild course and therefore do not need medical treatment. But when should you go to a hospital if you have a corona infection? “An important note is shortness of breath,” said the infectiologist.

Because: “When breathlessness occurs, we know that the patients have a worse prognosis. That would be one of the reasons to go to a hospital”. In “Zeit im Bild 2”, Heinz Burgmann explained that it was not the government that had to get a grip on Corona, but the population themselves. “It is up to us all”.

“Healthy people can transmit infection”

The infection can be transmitted 24 to 48 hours in advance. “Healthy people can already transmit the infection and that is why these measures are so important. They can ensure that it runs slowly and the health system is not overloaded, such as reducing contacts, keeping your distance and wearing the mask” so Burgmann.

When asked whether people are going out for the autumn break or rather stay at home The infectiologist replied: “At the moment it is really important to try to reduce social contacts that are not absolutely necessary.”

And further: “Travel should also be reduced, because mobility fuels the virus and this also increases transmission.” “We should do everything possible now to stop the virus from spreading.”

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