Infection doubles risk of complications


March 25, 2022 – 10:34 p.m Clock

Listen up, all pregnant women! A new study from the USA shows that severe complications can occur in pregnant women during a corona infection.

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Especially unvaccinated pregnant women have to fear complications

Researchers from the American health organization “Kaiser Permanente” examined over 40,000 pregnant women between March 2020 and March 2021. Almost three percent of the women showed a twice as high probability of pregnancy complications due to a corona infection.

Accordingly, the probability of premature birth by 50 percent and those for Thromboembolien by three times, according to the researchers in the magazine “JAMA Internal Medicine”. 5.7 percent of the pregnant infected people also had to be treated in hospital.

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Diabetes as a major risk factor

According to the researchers, the course of the corona virus in pregnant women is primarily aggravated by one risk factor: diabetes that already existed before the pregnancy. Obesity or age, on the other hand, have no influence on the course or the pregnancy complications.

But there is also good news: The Corona infection of mothers have no effect on the unborn, it is said. Only premature births can have an impact on the development of children in the first years of life.

The appeal of the study: Dear pregnant women, get vaccinated!

“These results should help patients to understand the risks of prenatal complications and the need for vaccination,” said study author Assiamira Ferrara in a press release from “Kaiser Permanente”. “This study supports the recommendation to vaccinate pregnant women and those planning a pregnancy.” The next step is to continue to accompany mothers and children in order to be able to better research the short- and long-term consequences of a corona infection during pregnancy. (jbu)

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