Infidelity, separation and scandal: Gisela Dulko separated from Fernando Gago

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After 12 years as a couple and three children together, Gisela Dulko and Fernando Gago they would have separated in the middle of a scandal. According to the information provided by Cinthia Fernández in LAM, the former tennis player would have discovered her husband with his lover in their own home.

“She would have found them in her own house and the worst thing is that the other one would be a friend of hers,” she said in front of the astonished gaze of her companions.

The couple met in 2009 and two years later, they agreed. Over time, the children arrived: Antonella, Mateo and Danielle and everything seemed to indicate that they had the perfect family.

Gisela had a very successful career as a tennis player, she even became number 1 in the world in doubles but in 2012, a year after her wedding, she decided to step aside because ‘she did not have the same desire as at the beginning of her career. career ‘and wanted to prioritize his family. Those who know her, assure that she was the pillar of her husband, who had a very successful career, although also an accident as a footballer since he suffered several serious injuries in the last stage of his career. Dulko always supported him in those moments.

Currently Gago, already retired as a footballer, serving as technical director in Mar del Plata, where he directs Aldosivi. After a promising start, the team’s current situation is poor and they have suffered several consecutive defeats.

Today, the story of this love would be closing in the worst way.


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