Infinite Transcendence Class | Hui Yinghong criticizes Fiona Sitt for being lacklustre

Sit Kaiqi (Fiona) got her wish in the acting competition reality show “Infinite Beyond Class” co-produced by Zhejiang Satellite TV and TVB, and challenged the role of “Yao Jinling” in “Gong Scheming”, Zhou Jieqiong played “Qian Feiyan”, directed by Hui Yinghong and She Shiman In the play, the process was full of gunpowder.

The four teamed up to reproduce “Gong Xin Scheming”. ([email protected]无限超超级官博)

Zhou Jieqiong, who is still a newcomer in acting, and Hui Yinghong exchanged a few lines, reflecting the humbleness and timidity of being a maid, and Hui Yinghong praised: “Jieqiong is actually a little difficult for her, she is so young. , but I only rehearsed with her twice, she is fine.”

On the other hand, Fiona Sit and Ah Sheh played against each other. Although it was only two short lines, Ah Sheh had already penetrated into the woods and felt like Liu Sanhao. On the contrary, Sit Kaiqi lacked some momentum and emotion. Kara Hui immediately pointed out, “It’s not strong enough!” She continued Pointing: “Have you ever thought about Jinling’s character? You are a princess now, and you will always be a princess. Your smell is gone.” Perhaps seeing Hui Yinghong being too strict, Ah Sheh couldn’t help but say: ” I think it’s a bit of pressure on her.” Unexpectedly, Hui Yinghong returned to Charmaine: “You are really good, you Charmaine Sheh, you are really good, you are really good.” While talking and leaving the table, Ah Sheh also said with a smile: “I Let’s drink some water first” to ease the tense atmosphere, making Xue Kaiqi a little embarrassed, and Zhou Jieqiong also at a loss, but it can’t be ruled out that the editing is the cause.

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