Inflation compensation: Carrefour will double the aid for its affected employees

A few hours after the announcement by Jean Castex of the establishment of an inflation allowance of 100 euros paid to French people who earn less than 2,000 euros net per month, Carrefour undertook to double the aid for its eligible employees, according to information from BFM Business.

It was through the voice of its CEO that the company shared the news. “I decided to double the inflation allowance and to increase it to 200 euros for all the employees concerned,” tweeted Alexandre Bompard.

Discounts and promotions at distributors

The brand had already made a gesture in favor of its customers to help them cope with the increase in prices at the pump a few days ago, launching a discount of five euros for each full of at least 25 liters. Faced with this rise in world prices which is having repercussions on the purchasing power of many French people, distributors have stepped up to the plate. Starting with the E.Leclerc centers, which announced Monday, October 18 that all their off-highway service stations would sell fuel at cost price until the end of the month. Casino, which already offered a similar offer from time to time, had increased with a system of vouchers supposed to increase the full to one euro per liter.

But it should be remembered that beyond the good intentions displayed, these fuel promotions remain in line with the strategies of the distributors. Fuel is a starter for them: the cheaper it is, the more motorists will come and perhaps take advantage of it to do their shopping in the store. They also have an interest in encouraging consumers to take their cars, analyzes Yves Marin, distribution expert at the Bartle firm, “because hypermarkets are 15 minutes away on average”.

A “fair” and “effective” measure

Long-awaited, the inflation compensation set up by the government comes to relieve many French people affected by a rise in energy and fuel prices. After hesitation as to the form that this aid would take, Jean Castex finally announced Thursday, October 21 on the set of TF1, the launch of this measure which he considers “the fairest, the most effective”.

Paid automatically, “inflation compensation” will concern the active, the unemployed actively seeking employment, as well as retirees. In total, 38 million French people will benefit from the aid, according to the Prime Minister.

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