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Something little used with the prices of the family basket happened in June, when two months in a row were completed in which the set of goods and services price dropped.

But,which were the products that became cheaper during this month, according to the Dane report? There are different ways of looking at it, because in statistics all these goods and services can be grouped into divisions, groups, classes or subclasses.

In the most detailed classification published by the Dane, that of subclasses, there are 188 lines, while the thickest classification, that of divisions, consists of 12 lines. In the latter, there are categories such as education, health or clothing and footwear, while in the more detailed categories such as payments for homework consultations, consultations with specialists, or children’s footwear are observed.

Within the 188 subclasses, 92 of them had price increases, 28 remained unchanged in value for the month, while those that dropped in price were 68. However, among those that fell in price, there were products that weighed more on expenses or had more significant reductions, which allowed, as a whole, the family basket was reduced during the month of June.

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The goods and services divisions whose prices fell the most in June were:

1. Clothing and footwear
-2,06 %

2. Furniture, household items and for ordinary home maintenance
-0,58 %

3. Accommodation, water, electricity, gas and other fuels
-0,54 %

5. Transportation
-0,52 %

The groups of goods and services whose prices fell the most in June were:

1. Water supply and various services related to housing
-3,14 %

2. Clothing
-2,38 %

3. Operation of personal transport equipment
-2,21 %

4. Electricity, gas and other fuels
-1,52 %

5. Insurance
-1,27 %

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The classes of goods and services whose prices fell the most in June were:

1. Water supply
-5,55 %

2. Sewer
-4,96 %

3. Fruits
-4,91 %

4. Fuels and lubricants for personal transport equipment
-3,61 %

5. Clothing
-2,49 %

The subclasses of goods and services whose prices fell the most in June were:

1. Oranges
-10,84 %

2. Fresh fruit (II)
-5,94 %

3. Water supply
-5,55 %

4. Tomato
-5,07 %

5. Sewer
-4,96 %

And what went up the most?

At the other extreme, the goods and services subclasses that rose the most in price during June were:

1 onion
10,46 %

2. Tree tomato
4,76 %

3. Papas
4,20 %

4. Carrot
4,17 %

5. Dried pulses
3,97 %

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