Influenza arrives, in hospitals 1/3 of the practitioners on average are vaccinated.

In 2019; 67% of doctors, 36% of nurses and 27% of nursing assistants have been vaccinated against the flu. They are currently recommending that citizens do this vaccination for prevention and to avoid too many patients in hospitals. Vaccination was until now free and did not involve any obligation either for hospital staff or for citizens. Following the last health event, still present; asking this question of vaccinating caregivers and citizens against the flu makes sense.

Caregivers fear managing both influenza at the same time as reported in Midi Libre

Following the numerous hospitalizations that the hospital staff was able to live; reliving a similar situation would cause damage again. If previously confinement has nonetheless gradually reduced the number of hospitalized cases, the fear that there is a second wave, the grippe, accompanied by the Covid, push to be responsible and listen to these recommendations.

The Academy of Medicine proposes the obligation of this vaccine for health professionals. This advice is protective for patients, and probably has other purposes: anticipate double contamination, avoid two viruses to manage and also reduce crowds in hospitals.

The symptoms are similar

Aches, fever, fatigue, pain are common to both viruses. Hospitals, doctors and laboratories fear that they will have to test patients for the two viruses and also face congestion. During the winter flu, the need for care will indeed be increased.

Doctors also fear a dangerous rebound should a patient catch both viruses. While the elderly are more apt to accept this vaccine; “70% of French people do not want to be vaccinated” according to the 2017 Why Doctor survey. It is not very pleasant to undergo a needle or possible symptoms afterwards.

Do caregivers absolutely have to be vaccinated against influenza in winter?

This appeal to citizens’ common sense joins the same principles as those of barrier gestures: protect oneself and protect others. Dr Frédéric Le Guillou, in his speech of September 15, also mentions the responsibility of hospital staff in potential unforeseeable contaminations.

The compulsory vaccination of all caregivers would aim to avoid the contamination of patients, but also the disaster of trial that individuals would lead against the hospital. The question of vaccinating all caregivers is there, standing in front of what is called free will.


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