InfoGraf … the most dangerous methods of infection with coronavirus

There is no talk above the speech of Corona, the rates of infection, methods of infection and how to avoid them, so care should be taken to get to know the latest findings of the researchers all over the world, about the ways of transmission Covid 19 Arrange them according to their severity, in order to avoid them, follow medical guidelines, and strictly apply the rules of social separation.. This is according to the American Inside site, and this is what we explain below..

1- Respiratory dropsThe most dangerous

The infection is transmitted through coughing or sneezing

Less than 2 Meters or close up

The infection is transmitted through the eyes, nose, or mouth

2- Human waste

Exposure to sewage can be dangerous

It causes transmission of the virus

3- Volatile virus particles

Viral particles can be kept in the atmosphere as spray

According to a study conducted by CDC The

Corona can be moved to 4 MetersAs a spray in hospitals

But the matter is still largely uncertain

4- The semen of a man

It is considered the least dangerous method

Studies have found particles of the virus in the semen of some patients

But it is not clear whether or not infection occurred through sexual contact?!


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