Information about explosives on Ryanair passenger plane | Life

Ryan Air plane. (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Greek police on January 22 announced they did not detect any explosives on a Ryanair passenger plane departing from Poland after authorities received information about a bomb threat.

A Greek police statement said they had checked all passengers and the plane but did not find anything suspicious.

[Australia: Máy bay Qantas Airways hạ cánh an toàn sau tín hiệu cấp cứu]

Plane Boeing 737 departing from the city of Katowice with 190 people on board, landed safely at Athens international airport with the escort of two F-16 planes, before that Hungarian fighter jets also followed the plane. fly this.

After landing, the Ryanair plane was led into an isolated area in Athens International Airport for the authorities to conduct a search.

It is not clear who made the bomb threat information.


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