Information systems & management – Number 2022/4 – Volume 27 – Varia

Page 3 to 4: François de Corbière – Contributions in various article categories | Page 5 to 50: Isabelle Walsh, Alexandre Renaud, Maximiliano Jeanneret Medina, Cédric Baudet and Gaëtan Mourmant – ARTICLE WITHDRAWN: ARTIREV: An Integrated Bibliometric Tool to Efficiently Conduct Quality Literature Reviews | Page 51 to 73: François Acquatella, Valérie Fernandez and Thomas Houy – A technical and economic perspective on the central role of artificial intelligence in platform markets | Page 75 to 115: Jean-François Lemoine and Ahmed Anis Charfi – The effect of the atmosphere of a commercial site on the immersion, the perceived value and the behavioral intentions of Internet users.

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