Ingrid Chauvin separated, she now benefits from “the only man who delights her heart”

On November 11, Ingrid Chauvin announced her separation from her husband Thierry Peythieu. The drama they went through 6 years earlier will have shattered their relationship. But Ingrid Chauvin clings today to the other man in her life.

Ingrid Chauvin lived as a couple with producer Thierry Peythieu. But this love story unfortunately comes to an end. Married in 2011, Ingrid Chauvin and Thierry Peythieu gave birth 3 years later to a little girl. Their love affair, however, quickly sank into a nightmare. Because the baby died at the age of 5 months. as a result of a heart defect.

« I was in the kitchen preparing her bottle. Suddenly I had a strange feeling, as if the mood in her room was different. I stayed close to her and, little by little, I felt her pulse grow weaker and weaker. I watched helplessly as my daughter left », Confided the actress in the columns of Paris Match in 2015.

The couple bruised by a terrible tragedy

Devastated by the death of her child, the actress even had suicidal thoughts. “Instinctively, I approached the balcony, I grabbed the railing and wanted to join it, until I met Thierry’s gaze. From his expression, I understood that I had no right to plunge him more into horror, and I let myself slide to the ground», She revealed to Paris Match.

« I still cry a lot, she confided to France Sunday in 2017. It is a stage in our life that will remain etched in our memories until the end. “. The mother has never recovered from this terrible tragedy of which she will keep consequences for life. With Thierry Peythieu, she initially succeeded in sticking together. But this tragedy will have finally got the better of his couple at the end of 2020.

It is not for lack of trying to move forward. The two lovers gave birth to a baby boy on June 10, 2016, Tom. Representing all that parents had most precious in the world, Tom filled their happiness and especially the void left by the disappearance of their daughter. Tom had allowed Ingrid Chauvin to ” go from pain to softness »And to allow oneself to taste again the joys of the family.

The second man of his life, irresistible and cute!

Despite their best efforts, this wonderful little Tom has failed to heal the wounds of the past. On November 11, the headliner of Tomorrow belongs to us shared the sad news with his followers on Instagram. At 47, she was going to separate from her husband. “Sometimes our lives need to be completely turned upside down, changed, reorganized … With my son’s father, our paths separate. I have to tell you, without wanting to communicate more. Thank you in advance for your respect which I know is immense She simply announced.

The actress did not dwell on the details of their separation. On the other hand, she savored every moment spent alongside Tom, now 4 and a half years old. In the video she posted on her instagram account, we see him waddling to music. This is ” the only man who delights [son]heart », Indicates the mother for whom she has« unconditional love ».

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