Entertainment Ingrid Steeger: actress after cardiac arrest in clinic

Ingrid Steeger: actress after cardiac arrest in clinic


Concern for Ingrid Steeger (“Klimbim”): The 72-year-old actress is in the hospital. As she told the “Bild” newspaper, she suffered a cardiac arrest for two minutes on New Year’s Day during a walk. “It was close. I was almost dead,” she said. Her companion reanimated her immediately. “I was very lucky.”

Since then, Steeger has been in intensive care in the Bad Hersfeld Clinic. Yesterday, Tuesday, she was operated on using a defibrillator system that will monitor her heart rhythm in the future. However, the 72-year-old does not want to go to rehab after the hospital stay. The reason: “I don’t go anywhere without my Eliza anymore.” The Dachshund bitch is her “one and all”.

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Not the first weakness

Did the actress overlook the first signs? She admitted: “I have had this dizziness in the past. Also atrial fibrillation, breathed poorly and fell over.” However, the doctors always spoke of iron deficiency. Only now, the 72-year-old continued, has it turned out “that I have it at heart”.


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