Initiation of nutritional prescription for turning seasons ahead

Hyeseong Shin PM “Focus on improving productivity through perfect nutrition”

Farm Story Dodram B&F (CEO Pyeon Myung-sik)’s nutritional prescription for the changing seasons ahead of time is attracting attention from Handon people.

The reduced feed intake due to the sweltering heat threatens intestinal health such as changes in the pig’s body composition and damage to the intestinal villi. High temperature stress and reduced intake in the hot season not only cause atrophy of the intestinal villi, but also increase the penetration of pathogenic toxins as if the intestinal epithelial cells suffered internal damage due to decreased integrity, leading to a decrease in hormones as well as various reproductive damage.

Dodram B&F carried out a strong summer project by implementing the first-stage reinforcement of the summer season from May, when summer begins in earnest, and the second-phase reinforcement from mid-June, when the sweltering heat prevails. In addition, by providing a special gift ‘Summer Special’ for a healthy summer, it contributed to the reduction of heat stress.

The large diurnal temperature difference between the autumn and seasonal seasons lowers immunity and the dry environment increases the generation of dust, which acts as a catalyst for pathogen infection and respiratory development.

In response, Dodram B&F made a separate reinforcement in consideration of the late heat and changing seasons. The nutritional prescription for the defense of harmful bacteria has been strengthened by supplying the energy source of intestinal epithelial cells for the recovery of intestinal function and supplying the main ingredients that form the intestinal mucosal layer. This is because the intestine is the initiator of nutrient intake and the organ responsible for the primary immune defense. In addition, measures are being taken to protect feed quality by grafting antifungal agents.

PM Shin Hye-seong said, “These quick measures are to increase customer satisfaction of FarmStory Dodram Bienf.

Livestock Newspaper, CHUKSANNEWS

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